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>> Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Hey Grandma guess what?"
"What kid?"
"I just found out which country I'm going to in the Peace Corps!"
"The Peace Corps Grandma, I just found out."
"Oh good, where are you going?"
"It's called Azerbaijan."
"Spell it."
"A-z-e-r-b-a-i-j-a-n, Azerbaijan."
"Oh well you'll have to write that down for me when you get over here."
"Sure thing lady."
- This lovely transcript for those of you wondering why the blog was titled as it is. But just as a contrast read the next.

"Hey Reezin, I'm going on a super awesome trip to a country all the way around the world."
"Show me." I get his globe and show him.
"Guess what it's called... Azerbaijan."
- Imagine my sisters shocked face mirroring my own as we congratulate the smartest 3 year old there ever was. First person I've ever told who got it right without any help.

Anyways, welcome to the amazing accounts of Lori's Peace Corps experience.
This blog is for my friends family and random people who feel like reading about what fun and shenanigans I can manage to get myself into in a 27 month time period. So frequent this site, become a follower, or whatever it is that will let you see what I'm up to. I'm actually just too lazy to re-write one instance to everyone, so consider this your postcard. Every time you read it imagine a new post card arriving, then it will be even more fun!

Mini background on me:
- One year out of college with a BA in Theatre Design.
- Working at Disneyland in a job that I'm pretty darn sad to leave.
- Was nominated Nov 4, 2008 and cried like a baby in Yu's house
- Invited June 4, 2009 and cried like a baby backstage at Disneyland
- Already missing my friends and family like crazy!

Lori how, you ask, can I help you not miss me so much? Good question, visit me or send letters! The best time periods to visit are March, April, May, October, and November so check it out! If you'd like to send me any mail for my first few months as a Peace Corps Trainee....Go Ahead!!!!! If you send me anything make sure to number it as apparently sometimes things just disappear so at least we'll know which one gets lost! Also, while I enjoy lovely packages in the post it will cost both of us money and is many times lost. So lets just keep to being super awesome with our new found appreciation of stamps on letter envelopes! Well I say that now but give it a month and I will most likely retract that statement. Until December this will be my address:

Lori Dunn, PCT
AZ 1000
Main P.O. Box 77
Peace Corps
Baku, Azerbaijan

Here's a map of the world followed by a map of Azerbaijan and the basic surrounding areas.

Finally, I want to thank all of my friends and family for their support as I go to, "the toughest job, you'll ever love." (don't judge my cheesiness Elaine) I'm very excited and your encouragement keeps me positive and unafraid. I love you all!



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