My head was in the clouds...

>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

LITERALLY! I am so high up that my first time out of the house my head was legitimately in the clouds, best cliche ever!

Well this all began with my last week in Ceyranbatan. We had our final language test, I passed woo hoo! Then very quickly I had 2 Hub days ( all trainees in one room learning logistics and such) and then the Swearing in Ceremony. This week was really intense because my hMom & 15yr old hSis were in the hospital recovering from operations. That gave the house a very strange dynamic. But the Swearamony went really well. It was super intense and I didn't quite realize how I'd feel. Good things was that I was all sorts of emotional and because of my name I was in the front corner and the TV cameras were right on me. The 2 national anthems played (slightly teary), PST Director got choked up during his speech (some tears), someones hMom gave a speach (definite tears), acting ambassador swore us in (legit tears). Oh I was emotional alright and it was on TV. Everyone told me I was and they all yelled at the TV when they saw me.
The next day everyone moved out:( I woke up with Myriam and we went to Jess's house at 8 to say goodbye. From there, Mike joined us and we went to Myriam's to watch her pack her SMALL bags and leave. Up next Beca, we saw her for a little over a half an hour and then it was just Mike and I. We weren't leaving until Friday so Mike took me on an adventure! It was Pipe Fest 2009! We jumped on the pipes and went from the highway to the forest! It was awesome and I got to witness first hand how clumsy I am in comparison to Mr. Bionical. He could just jump around like he was supposed to be there while I flopped and flailed my way down and around the pipes. We looked at the reservoir and re-inacted scenes from The Lion King as if we were giants. AWESOME!!!!!!
Up next Bionical's hMom taught us how to roll dolma (yummy food), and then Jessica came! She was living in another training village but after seeing all of her cluster off came to spend the night at my house before we left. We hung out with Mr. Bionical's family, Nuranə, and my family. All in all a good night, but a very sad day.
Friday we had a party Maşrutka to the middle finger! We call it that because the AZ map kind of looks like a hand and my region would take place as the middle finger, we have a hand shake, be jealous. Well a group of six of us piled all of our worldy possessions on the maşrutka and were off. It was a fun ride full of food, christmas music, and a romp roaring good time. The second we peeked through a set of low mountains it was silent. Absolutely breathtaking mountains awaited us. By far the largest i'd ever seen. I was the first to leave and luckily my counterpart picked me up. Nailə is really awesome and she's helped me around the school and town. Saturday was the anniversary of Heydar Aliyev's death. The community all came out to honor him by placing a flower at the foot of his statue in their respective communities. This is where I got to see all of my school kids and the townspeople. No complaints here. It's absolutely gorgeous and the kids are all really fun. Also, the first day of school one of the teachers described what I wore to the Swearamony and then told me that she saw me on tv. I'm a celeb guys!


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