Novruz Bayramınız Mübarək!

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is my feeble attempt at explaining Novruz. Just know it's super epic and awesome.
Novruz (pronounced: no-vr-ooze) is the one ridiculously huge holiday in Azerbaijan. This holiday is celebrated the four weeks preceding March 20th. The first week began on Tuesday, February 23rd. It celebrates the four elements: water, fire, earth, and air. Each Tuesday marks the beginning of each elements week. Best part is you get to jump over fire! Every Tuesday you eat Dolma (meat and veggies wrapped in cabbage) and Plov (pilaf), and jump over a fire! Depending on who you're doing it with you can jump 1, 3, or 7 times. The purpose of jumping is to leave all negative/bad feelings in the fire. So if someone doesn't like you or wishes ill upon you, jump over that dang fire and ba-da-bing ba-da-bang IT'S GONE!
I think it's cool, but even better is when the actual Novruz comes about. You color eggs like in Easter. Dress up like in Halloween and the kids leave a hat or basket on your doorstep, knock on the door and hide, and you fill their hat/basket with money/chocolate/fruit. Then you close the door and they move along to the enxt house. It's a combo of ding-dong-ditch and trick-or-treating. In my city all of the 11th form (11th grade/final year of school) kids do it.
It's a truly ridiculous holiday and I can't wait for it! Water, Fire and Wind Weeks are over, up next Earth! I kind of feel like I should be in Captain Planet, good show. Hopefully as the craziness ensues I will be updating you all on the happenings.

If I haven't explained this sufficiently or you're just super into learning all of the reasons/meanings behind these traditions go here:
That will hopefully give you all of the information you can possibly need.

The pictures above are some illustrations of the aweosmeness that is Novruz!
#1 The woman is dancing in a traditional Azerbaijani outfit and that plant held above her head must be placed on the tables. Apparently it's really cool.

#2 The fire dancing is obviously the coolest, and somewhat self explanitory.

#3 The boys peering around the corner are doing the treak-or-treating part and getting food.

#4 This is the video of the celebration in what can only be described as Qax's town square.


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