Remember that one time where I WIN!?!?!?!!

>> Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Well for those of you who are wondering who would be so silly as to doubt me, I will fill you in.

Around last March Mr. Big Daddy J and I were discussing food at his hFam's house. I say that surhulu, xengel, girs, qutab and mostly all dough-based azeri foods are all from the same dough. Sure they end up getting cooked in a different way but the dough is exactly the same: flour, water and salt (in the exact same proportions). Well Mr Chef (that he is), disagreed. I give in assuming I know nothing, but every time I eat any of those foods I get into mini arguments. Now it's just within my head as opposed to across the table at Big Daddy.

Well I went over to my counterparts house and made some delicious pumpkin qutab (more or less a quesedilla but with pumpkin instead of cheese). Normally food is just served to me but I've been complaining about this so she taught me. As I was standing there making the dough, that re-occurring argument I have with myself popped up. So I ask, and you know what......I WAS RIGHT! Boom!

So for your pleasure you may now watch me prepare Pumpkin Qutab using the same dough as every other dough based meal. PS Note how awesome it is that I get pumpkin qutab! It is so delicious.
The dough balls, pumpkin, flour and rolling board

Me getting the perfect thin dough, you wrap it around the rolling pin and it is super easy.

Freshly filled and pressed qutab's ready for frying.

Fry the qutab and then coat with butter!

As I have promised when something goes well for me I will develop it. As this has been haunting my meals (this is a no no folks, food is sacred) I decided merely posting developed wasn't good enough. So it's branded. Will he kill me...probably but I'm in Azerbaijan - try and catch me now!


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