June Holidays in Azerbaijan

>> Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 15th - National Salvation Day
This is the day when Parliament invited Heydər Əliyev to Baku in 1993. Azerbaijan officially left Soviet rule in 1991 and they had a President for two years. So on this day in 1993 Heydər Əliyev returned to Azerbaijan and it is memorialized every June. This is a picture of the sitting Heydər statue in Qax's city park.

June 26th - Army and Navy Day
Pretty self explanatory yes? This is the day when you remember and respect all of those who have and who will be serving in the Azerbaijani Army or Navy.

June 30th - Lovers Day
Neither February 14th or June 30th is truly celebrated. I have heard mixed opinions about February 14th being a Christian based holiday which is why Azerbaijan has a separate day. However no one truly celebrates either of these days, it is more or less realizing that the 14th and 30th are here. I have my opinions on this day being "celebrated," keep on reading and you'll see why.

On January 20, 1990 Baku was invaded by Soviet forces and over 180 Azerbaijani citizens were killed. A young couple, İlham and Fərizə, were destroyed by this invasion. İlham died of multiple gun shots. Upon hearing the news Fərizə more or less went into a depression and poisoned herself. So on June 30th we remember their marriage and celebrate the anniversary that would have been. This is the picture of İlham and Fərizə on their graves.


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