two girls and a boy

>> Thursday, July 8, 2010

You heard it first, I'm having two girls and a boy. Here's how I came to this conclusion:
On my way into Baku to pick up my parents (woo hoo!), I stopped at my old hFam from training in Ceyranbatan. It was great to see them and yet again it makes me feel like a rock star. My first day here I knew about five words and they were so kind to me and loved me like their daughter anyways. So now when I come back and I can actually understand them it's shocking all around. I find out new things about their personalities and how they came to live here. hDad still dances about like a fool while hMom does all the work and the hSis's watch TV. Yet the dynamics have somewhat changed, they even tried to argue while making their body language look relaxed. Apparently that used to work but now I got it all, snaeky punks! I get so much praise that I think my ego will fly off into space. It's always nice after being surrounded by the same people, who sometimes ask me why my language is still so poor (I mean come on I've been here for nine months I should be fluent), to come back to this house and feel welcomed even if I couldn't even say one word.

Well anyways I was sitting outside with about 10 girls and 5 women all going around and around asking the shiny American questions. For the most part I got it all, which is a definite improvement for me. Everyone started talking about my hair and next thing I know it's being taken down, and one hair is plucked. This hair is then threaded through a ring of a married woman. Unfortunately my thin hair broke. Have no fear, they just took out a little chunk next time. With quite a few hairs freshly passed through the ring I put out my right hand and the ring was placed in my hand. The married woman pulled the ring out of my hand and dropped it back 4 or 5 times by the hairs. Then the ring hovered over my palm and depending on which way it turns I have either a boy, girl, or none. Through a few more spins I find that I will have two girls and a boy. When asked if I believed this to be true I had to say yes. By then all of the girls were tugging at their ponytails and exlaiming they wanted the same as the American so how could I say I didn't believe in it? So I guess I'll have 3 kids, feel free to start spoiling them now.


Lindsey July 12, 2010 at 8:24 PM  

Sweet. If you're having three, that means I don't have to have any! And I can keep my (not so) girlish figure.

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