The day my dad pulled a muslim woman in for a hug

>> Sunday, July 25, 2010

I know it sounds like the beginning of a bad post, but it's actually quite hilarious.

My parents came to visit me in Azerbaijan! It's great because I officially have made a sizeable dent in Peace Corps Goal #3:
"Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans."

Mommy and Doodle learned quite a bit in their whirl-wind tour. First day I tuckered out my dad with a quick jaunt around Baku to buy train tickets. Then I dragged my parents to Ceyranbatan. The house was very made up and drinks upon drinks were laid out for the esteemed guests. Super Mama even told her boss that she would have to be late after the lunch break because, as she said it with a flourish, "she has guests from America." This worked out pretty well. My parents were thoroughly confused and were told to continue to eat more once they had their fill. True to Azerbaijani customs Ata Bomba asked me why my parents did not enjoy the food. Yet again I explained that Americans don't eat six heaping plates of food and our measly three would have to do. Literally have to, ask my tummy was protruding and my dad looked at me like I had personally shoved it all down his throat.
Unfortunately Super Mama had to leave for work but not before a quick picture. This is where it gets good. The two dads got all ready, and right in on the side hug, but Doodle seemed to think that he needed to extend this gesture to Super Mama. So what does he do? Reaches right on out and pulls her into a big old side hug. She was so tense and the girls were staring at her wondering what to do. She played it off laughing so the girls wouldn't say anything, but she was uncomfortable. Ata Bomba looked quite impressed and had a cute little grin that I almost caught on camera. Here is the picture of the family with my dad still not knowing he should not be holding this woman and her trying to politely keep her distance.

After this picture another hour or so passed where Doodle and I taught the girls Go-Fish and then it was time to leave. Here's the picture my own personal paparazzi (otherwise known as my mom) took of my dad and I waiting for the bus on the side of the highway.


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