The smartest man and an Azerbaijani respite

>> Sunday, July 25, 2010

What would Qax be without a trip to my hFam? After trying to give my parents a little break from so much Azerbaijani and translating I told them to suck it up and get in the cab! Off we went. The yard is now a little wonderland. I thought it was beautiful before but Ata kept his word by blowing me away. truly gorgeous and a light brought outside so there's really no need to ever use the house. It's beautiful. The conversation kept flowing as my parents had me translating their views on education and "those kids nowadays" to my extremely intelligent Ata. He was then questioning my father on chemistry and biology using so many crazy words that I ended up just explaining ideas rather than the simple sentence he said. He even knew about Kaiser Steel, quite a few Americans aren't even aware of that. He's seriously just so smart. That was one of the first comments my parents made, this was repeated a few more times throughout their visit. Here's me with my American and Qax sets of parents!

My hSis was also there and when my mother so kindly gave her the teddy bear she brought a tiny child came out of her. I love my cute little Gülçün and when she acts like a kid it's even cuter! The bear was tossed in the air, spun in circles and copious amounts of hugs and kisses were laid upon the bear before he was ceremoniously placed on her bed. This is the cute little thing pre-teddy bear.
Best picture ever! Ata kept calling Doodle "my friend, my American friend" with one of the warmest smiles I've ever seen. He always greets me so kindly but having my dad there sent him over the moon. My goal is to get a hug out of him before next Christmas, he might be buttered up enough!
After so much Azerbaijani, and loads of confusion on my parents part I gave them a little break with my counterpart. Nailə's English is pretty great so no translation was needed. The education talks resumed and after about an hour Nailə realized that she was holding her own in English and didn't seem so shy to respond. It was great watching her realize her own strength in the language she taught herself a mere six years ago. She's quite impressive and as always her dolma was delicious.


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