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>> Sunday, July 25, 2010

The day started off with the few of my Georgian students who stayed in Qax for the summer at my conversation club. The girls are pretty advanced and even the ones that do not speak too much were still very eager and grasped just about everything that was said. We mostly did introductions and asked lots of questions. I love having guests at clubs because it is good for the students to hear a new voice and practice speaking, but it is also brilliant for lazy bones like myself because there's practically no prep! These are my girls.
This is me teaching. We're discussing how to form the correct sentence in asking my parents how long they're been married.
This is Beca showing her mad dancing skills after she made a deal with my kids about dancing.
After club it was off to the Georgians! Nona, Misha and Julietta wined and dined us keeping a hefty amount of watermelon on the table. I could say plenty of beautiful nice things about this family but I will settle with they are truly kind to me and make my time in Qax seem like a vacation rather than work, I love them. Misha cut the watermelon in a different way and all of us American folks were enthralled. This of course made him laugh, which I had to mimmick and force Nona to laugh even louder. I just really like the way he laughs but I guess I'm the only person who ever makes fun of him. Later on in the evening Vaja returned from a boys day out of drinking and waterfall fun and with him comes the dentist! My parents were taken to see the wine storage and a little tour of Misha's garden. All in all a good day. From left to right Misha, Julietta, Vaja, me, Doodle, Beca, Mommy and the dentist.
We had to hit up the Heydar Park, which in summertime is hoppin'! Here's me and my lovely parents.
Vaja re-appeared from some unknown waterfall and refused, as always, to smile in the photo. The second take with Beca's help was much more successful. My Baly gals with Beca, Vaja and I.
Nona wasn't in the family picture because of a certain rendesvouz but fortunately I found her walking to the store with her mom. The Hello Kitty shirt was a recent purchased. We bought it together deciding white was a much better alternative to the green because of her bag. Nona = best friend in Qax. She's fabulous.


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