I broke a rule

>> Sunday, August 1, 2010

All around Qax there are ditches allowing the water from the mountains to flow cleanly through the city without me having to step in the water. For these ditches Jason gave me a rule with two options.
#1 - If I'm going to fall in the water road thingy he must be present.
#2 - If I can't make number one happen, I need to push an ogling boy into it.

Well my friends Friday night neither of these two situations occurred, thus I broke the rule. I was over at Nona's and we were chatting our lives up and doing push-ups and crunches for quite a few hours. The sun had set and I needed to do some laundry so I said goodbye and headed home. Very few people were on the street and the w eather was perfect for my little stroll. The arc of my right foot was already aching. I had dropped a freakishly heavy glass artificial maple flavor on my foot earlier in the day. Thanks Alicia. By this time a nice big bump and a bruise is already showing so the only shoes I could wear were my flip flops. I'm down the hill and can see my door from the road so I decide to cut across a road to make a diagonal. You know the shortest distance between to points is a straight line, I paid attention in 6th grade. Unfortunately I did not pay attention to my dad's many warning to pay attention where I was going. I cut across and as opposed to walking in a parallel direction with the water ditch I am now nearly perpendicular to it and rapidly approaching it. Unsuspecting of my impending doom I walk freely and my right foot plunges in scraping my shin fairly deeply about 3-4 inches as my left foot plunges right on down to the knee scraping mildly. My flip flopped feet are now in the water as my toes cling to t he strap while I am doing everything in my power not to scream out in pain. I lift myself out of this stupid water road thingy and limp to my door whimpering and telling myself not to look down knowing I'll freak out if I see how bad it is. As I'm limping I'm remembering again how grateful I am not to be living so far down the hill and I open my gate. Standing with my legs under the cold running water I get the soap and clean out my battle wound, It's a battle I'm in a form of US Corps in a foreign country and I'm claiming this. It's pretty deep and even though I still can't walk 2 days later it's slowly healing. BTW thanks to Ruth for my extra little medical kit, totally helped! This is why you should always listen to your dad and follow Jason's rules, also this is why I now have a new nemesis. These are my battle wounds immediately after cleaning the gravel out.


Anonymous August 18, 2010 at 7:09 AM  

Criiiiiinge. Lori. This. Is. Horrifying. And one of my biggest fears living in Azerbaijan.
Glad to hear you lived to tell the tale :)

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