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>> Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This tourism website showcases many of the different regions in Azerbaijan but the beautiful region of Qax is obviously numero uno so please take a look. The two main pictures showcasing a city street are both from the street that my school is on. The white building with the silver statue are actually directly in front of my school. My kids go to that shop on the breaks to buy food and toys and bring it back to the corridors and cause mayhem and commotion. The other photo is just the opposite side of the same street, you can see the bread shop (çörək sexi) and the cool little shop that sells me my fake cereal! Yeah I'm that hard core.

Check it out, tell me how much you want to visit...then VISIT ME!


Chris February 13, 2011 at 3:54 PM  

Hi, I'm Chris, a PCV in the Eastern Caribbean, 2010-2012. I got a note from your parents saying they would be stopping by the island of St. Kitts in March, and they were so gracious and thoughtful, they "called ahead" to find out if there was anything from the States we PCVs here needed.

Qax really does look beautiful, and the traditional architecture for that region is very appealing as well. Also, I have to say, your "DEVELOPED" stamp is absolutely brilliant and so clever, I should think it is viral-internet-meme-worthy.

I wish you continued luck with your projects as well as brand new successes in your (presumably) final year of service. All the best!

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