It's snowing and I sparkle

>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's snowing again! Last time it snowed for about 2 days and stopped. I was informed that that would be the last snowfall and I was sooooo sad. Then here I am, walking home from my counterparts at 12:30a (gasp, bad bad Azeri girl) and it's snowing! So much happy fun time in Qax.

Also I sparkle. You probably know this already but I thought I'd tell you this little story just to drill it in. At aforementioned counterparts (Metanet) house I was coloring with her daughter (İlahə), as I am want to, and my counterpart began questioning İlahə:

Metanet: What do you think about Lori?
İlahə: I like her.
Metanet: What else?
İlahə: She's pretty.
Metanet:  Do you want to meet her parents?
İlahə: Yes
Metanet: They are coming soon, what will you tell your mother about her?
İlahə: She's nice and pretty and she always comes to our house and she sparkles.
Metanet: What?
İlahə: Look at her, she sparkles, she is always sparkling. Look right now.
Metanet: Well her mom is coming to take her home, is that okay?
İlahə: No, I don't give permission. I like her I want her sparkles.

There you have it. I sparkle and a 4 year-old will fight my mother for the right to have sparkles in her life. She probably only said that because I gave her a stuffed animal. She named this stuffed black dog, Cyclops. I have no clue why.


Sware February 15, 2011 at 4:27 PM  

aww, this is adorable! and she's right - you are nice and pretty, and you definitely sparkle!

plus, I want to be there when she takes on your mum!!

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