Decorating for New Year's

>> Monday, March 14, 2011

I headed over to Nona's house for just another day of fun, little did I know I'd be decorating! The second I walked in, unannounced, her mom jumped up "Finally.. let's go." Apparently she'd been waiting for me for a few days. She got a pack of streamers, a pack of cotton and a cup of water as she ushered me into the dining room. Setting all of the supplies down she showed me what to do.

Step 1: Pull out one of the streamers
Step 2: Soak a small piece of cotton in water
Step 3: Wrap the end of the streamer in the wet cotton
Step 4: Throw the cotton as hard as you can at the ceiling

Typically the process would stop here. But since I'm special I get a few extra steps:
Step 5: Yell at Lori and tell her small children can do this without it falling
Step 6: Tell her "it's okay, stop giving me that face, try again, this time not so fast"
Step 7: Breathe, she's laughing, she's your guest, don't mind that she's an idiot and can't make the simplest thing work
Step 8: High-5 her because she likes that and she finally got it
Step 9: Make your son come in and take pictures of her successfully throwing wet cotton at the ceiling

Nona and I throwing the watery cotton

Up close look at the finished product

Sparklers had to be brought out

Here's hMom, Nona, Jerry the dog and me in front of the tree.

The finished room. Happy New Year!


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