Nar Fest

>> Thursday, March 24, 2011

I was in lovely little Goycay in November celebrating Pomegranate! There is an entire festival dedicated to the delicious fruit translated as Nar. I love this word, I never want to go back to the ridiculous English word. Too long and difficult, Nar's good enough for me. I'm going to start this, get ready. Anyways I headed out with a group of about 8 PCV's and we had an awesome time. So many Nar themed things happening. Nar dressed dancers, a big Nar that dancers came out of, karate kids, and all sorts of vendors. Sure people continued to stare at us, but in the spirit of the festival I got kind of lost in the fun of it and wasn't annoyed with the pictures.

Many villages were represented with differnt forms of Nar. Fresh, juiced, puree, etc. At many tables we were just forced to cup our hands and then forced to eat all the Nar that would fit. We were on a public street eating like little birdies.

I ate way too much but I didn't even care because Nar is my favorite color, sweet AND sour not to mention fun to open, when done correctly. I mentioned that there was a correct way to open Nar to my grandmother and mother and they seemed confused. So here's a news report where you can watch an awesome woman show you how it's done!


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