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>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

I had a discussion with my Hmom and oldest Hsis today and they wanted to know about my American house. This all came about when I was trying to remember my lesson for the day in which I learned how to say story or floor of a building. Already knowing apartment and house I tried to see if I could make some fun sentences. So I was double checking that I knew what I was doing, and was forced to describe our home, then my American home. This turned into the most beloved Azeri game, Which one is better and why? I hate this game, loathe it, despise it, want to kill it! They do that a lot around here. Ask you which thing/person is better and degrade the loser. But to them it's not degrading, just factual. I say degrade but they don't necessarily look down on the thing/person. Nope, just make a tisk tisk noise as they shake their head. Like my Hdad, he asked me if my dad drank or smoked and I said no. He said that Doodle is a better man than him because he is a smoker but is trying to stop. It is very cut and dry out here. In the house discussion, when they discovered I had a 2 story, free standing house I knew it was over. I couldn't deny that I had a big house and they informed me that their house was bad and they were poor. But my house is big and I am rich. Through a back and forth no and yes game I ended up simply stating, "My house is normal in America, this house is normal in Azerbaijan. Both are good." To this I recieved 2 tisks and a hand shooing my opinion away. Maybe I dislike this game so much because I feel no one is truly a winner. Whoever "wins" has made the other person feel bad, and the loser just lost. At least I tried!


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