First Azeri Argument

>> Monday, November 2, 2009

The children in my neighborhood stand on the ledge outside my room and kitchen to watch me do my homework and eat, respectively. This after coming home from all of the children at school following us all and yelling hello 100 times. A very odd experience, a bit unnerving at first but in time it's simply noise.  As I was eating dinner one night with my Hmom & Hsis's they were all laughing and loving the attention that their kitchen was getting. My 18 year old Hsis asked me if I loved this, to which I replied, "no." Very perplexed she asked why, and I said it was very rude.
That was apparently not the right thing to say.
She grew very angry and told my Hmom that I said these children were rude. All eyes were on me now but no longer were they of interest and like, it was anger and confusion. They asked why and in broken Azeri I replied, "home kids no stare and yell people in windows." It made little sense, as I'm sure you can tell, but through a few more tries the point got across. I was told in my Hsis's broken English that I am from America and they have never seen an American and this is what they are doing and I should love them. I agree that this is what they were doing but it was rude to do it staring into someones home, I wanted to start small. After translating she didn't speak to me for about 5 minutes, which I assume was all the time it takes to get over something like that because now she loves me again. Problem solved?


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