My room is a graveyard

>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

for dead flies!!!!!!!!!!

I'm getting so good at this! My Hmom even calls me out of my room to get them around the house. Must be all of those years living near the chicken farm. I tell Beca everyday that my room is a graveyard for dead flies and she things I'm insane. I am but that doesn't change the fact that I am staring at a pile of about 15 flies from this evening. Around my room there are also copious amounts of dead fruit flies and 4 dead mosquitos, one of which oozed blood, ergo he got me first. I'll feel that in the morning. There normally aren't this many bugs in my room but I think I left my window open, who knows. Tomorrow I'll have to clean the battlefield up because all I know is, this is war.
Speaking of cleaning up, this means baby wipes. You will not believe the copious amounts of baby wipes I go through. Getting rid of bug remains on the wall, cleaning my new Azerboots, or a myriad of other non clean items in my life. Point is, I go through more baby wipes than the nursery wing in a hospital.


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