A few mistakes

>> Friday, January 8, 2010

Number one:
After explaining that they should talk to their partners and tell me one fact about them I demonstrate.
Me: "This is Mrs. Metanet, she is pregnant." 
*blank stares*
Metanet: "We do not discuss these things with children, it's inappropriate."

YAY! Not horrible, but I turned super red.

Number two:
dəli means crazy  (pron: dad without the last d + leee) 
dadlı means tasty (pron: God with a d + luh) 

Don't confuse the two, it can get weird. Especially if your hMom already thinks she's not feeding you correctly because she always asks if you eat this exact meal in America. You of course try to ease it over by saying, "No, but it's crazy. Very crazy." Oops! I was even warned about this one, multiple times by the Az6's, guess I'm a slow learner.


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