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>> Friday, January 8, 2010

On the 30th Jason and I went to the young adults New Years Party. New years is huge out here because it's not only New years but it's Consolidation Day, aka these folks were free from Soviet Rule. My sister invited us since we had about 4 hours to spare before the night train to Baku. The party was in a restaurant and looked like a toy. I think that there is really only one type of party out here and that mold is just set for any sort of celebration (wedding, new years, boys leaving for the army). There were a few games, speeches, and dancing. Immediately after Jason says he will not dance and I agree, my arm was tugged out of my chair and I had to dance. I don't like it! Too may people stare, and it's just the same ol' step tap. Santa Clause and the snow girl were getting down too, so I guess it wasn't so bad. When I sat down, teh only other girl at our table who had joined me told me, "You are good play." Dance and play are the same verb so she translated it literally. Awesome! My hSis was the announcer, for no other reason than she is the Qax Golden Child, and she made Jason and I speak. We were warned and she gave us scripts but that didn't stop the awkward from sputtering out. I said about 4 sentences including, "Azerbaijan is beautiful but Qax is the most beautiful." Everyone applauded when I said this but I wasn't finished and that made me awkward, so I sat down as quick as possible. Then Jason stood up for his 2 sentences. He was supposed to say, "Me too, I love Qax. Happy New Years." However, he was trying to read my hSis's lips and said, "Qax I love! Happy New Years." Hilarious!!! Of course we both said this in our heavily accented Azerglish so who knows if anyone knows what we said. There was some really awesome fruit and this candy that I love, because it tastes like Cake Batter ice cream. We were told that this was a one hour celebration. 2.5 hours in, we peaced out, ate quickly at my house and headed down to the train station. All in all, good times. Next year, we're going to memorize the national anthem and sing along. It sounds sooooo Epic! Youtube it!


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