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>> Friday, January 29, 2010

It may be late but I promised a while ago and now you will have pictures! This is in fact my training site, Ceyranbatan.

Pic #1
This is the view from the hole in the wall that was most likely built for double doors. Nonetheless this is the view you get. If you take those stairs you would get to Myriams apartment. But as this is my blog you will be going to the wall on the right to door #4.

Pic #2
With my door open you can see straight into the living room. You take your shoes off right inside and on the left is a dresser that holds all of the coats and shoe cleaning supplies. However immediately to the right is the bathroom door.

Pic #3
The bathroom is probably my favorite aspect of the house because it's a little death trap. The tile is all nice and fancy but the whole place is covered in water. I nearly fell every time I had to use the bathroom, this is intensified in the middle of the night (grogggy + slippery = dangerous). Also there was no toilet paper but there was a water hose for cleaning. Best part, that hose is called a schlong, can't make that stuff up!

Pic #4
The living room. This is where the magic happens. This is where we would have dance parties, eat lunch and dinner, and watch Twilight. Enough said.

Pic #5
You may think that you haven't seen this kitchen before, but you're wrong. You see that window above the baathtub? Yeah that opens into the kitchen. So all of my showers, since I'm so much taller than everyone else, included looking into the kitchen! But this is the kitchen. I atr my breakfast here. I attempted to help Super Mama cook, and I picked up the tea from here.

Pic #6
This is the view form the kitchen into my room. All ofthe women sleep in a room behind the wall on the right, Ata Bomba sleeps on the couch. This picture was taken pre door window installation.

Pic #7
My room from the door. That back door is the door to the back yard area. All pickled products have a shed out back to get all nice and pickly. Also I hung my laundry out there. When I say "I hung," I mean I attempted it but Super Mama always fixed it; I was allowed to keep up the pretense of actually doing it myself, which was nice.

Pic #8
This is the other half of my room back out the hallway door. Charts on the wall, bed with awesome apples on it, and my water filter which went un-used:(

Pic #9

Me and the host family in the beloved family room.
Top row: Həbibə, Lori, Nərmin
Bottom row: Super Mama (İradə), Ramilə, Ata Bomba (Həbib)


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