Pipe Fest 2009!!!!!!!

>> Friday, January 8, 2010

So it was mentioned previously but I want you to see the pipes!
So Mr. Bionical and I went a hiking around. He was much more elegant in his mounting and dismounting of the pipes. I just flopped and slid off them but you know what? We were both on the pipe and that's all that matters. PLUS...I found that on some of the pipes that had been prepared with some slippery material it was like a slide! I got to slide around like a small child and that made it even better! So take a look at the magic that ensued. If any of you get the whole "Yes, Man" running and picture taking vibe, go with it. Not such a great movie but I totally want to start saying yes to everything, it would make for a better blog. On our walk we found an awkward spout/spickety thing that gushed everywhere and then the forest. Which was more or less the Lion King in miniature form. I was a giant Pumba! Enjoy!


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