Birthday Dance Wars!

>> Monday, May 24, 2010

After birthday dinner and cake it was time to DANCE!!! There was a lot of crazy going around. For about 3 solid hours Derek and Jason didn't stop dancing. Besti (Jason's host mom) was terrified of her plants falling, Vagif (Jason's host dad) went to check the floor boards in case Jason stomped through it, all in all hilarious. But to begin lets look at the beautiful Johnson's getting their dance on.
The other couple of the evening - Turan and James.
Derek beginning the boys battle.
Jason breaking it out, nice footwork. Later on he just started stomping....broken/sprained toe?
Bailey and I representing Azerbaijani female dancing, circling around a kneeling and clapping James. I don't like girl dancing so this was my last attempt before I switched sides.
Derek prepping the stage for the boys war, note his form.
Prepping the power. We have to do a little jig to get ready.
Power was shown, battle was won. I rock.
Jason's just a little upset that he lost the dance war with me, because I'm awesome, and took it out on poor little Uzal. He's about 17 and one of Jason's students, and Jason showed him the power! This picture makes it look like Jason literally broke Uzal, I'm okay with this assumption.
Post dancing, our two rock stars. They danced for a good 3 hours straight and represented American's flawlessly. That is if you think American's like laughing and having a great time...I do!


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