Last night of being 23!

>> Monday, May 24, 2010

April 30th began an awesome weekend in Qax. Turan, Jason's host brother came to partake in the festivities as we had the same birthday. So we celebrated our last night of being 26 and 23! Great friends also came up to my magical little site and we spent all night laughing and getting our pork on. Seriously...we have pork, Jason cooked it, we ate it. Which brings us to the first photo. This would be Jason showing off his awesome skills, Alicia enjoying it way too much, and Bailey not knowing how to control her excitement.
Next up Alicia and I in my nook! I love my nook and Alicia joined me, it's a really awesome spot because I can keep an eye on all the crazies inside and outside my house.
Here's most of the party crew. James, Stephanie, Myriam, Mariel, Bailey, Jason, and Turan!
Note the walls have already started getting decorated. Under Derek's "Qax Represent" sign Myriam poetically wrote, "...where pigs come to die and we come to eat them." PCV's are so starved of pork taht they almost cry when they get here.
Cute photo of the Lekit brothers!
Me back in my nook with pork and white sauce pasta. Awesome birthday meal.
Jason showing of his guns. haha he's going to kill me.
The Johnson's taking care of all the kids. Too much fun, not enough sleep.
Jaosn showing off his artistic side. My walls needed decorating and he has a Bachelor of Arts, that works right? Also Derek deciding that his form of expression cannot be contained to mere walls, Jaosn's pants will suffice.
I think Derek tried to get this photo with me so he could write on my pants too. It's okay I was drawing a shooting star!
This was the end product. Quite lovely if you ask me. Plus when I brush my teeth I can have something funny to look at.
Jaosn completely overed in chalk serenading us all, but in particular a sleeping Bailey, you can see her foot.
The chalk war got a little out of hand, but as most of us are english teachers in Azerbaijan we are used to being covered in chalk. Luckily there weren't students chasing us to beat it off our clothing.
Now we've just fully decided that Bailey should not be asleep. However Stephanie has yet to give up on covering me with said chalk. Bailey did wake up for a minute, just long enough to let us all know that shouting Bailey at the top of our lungs wasn't what she wanted.
Birthday boy and girl blowing out the candles.


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