Hiking Extravaganza!

>> Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The day after my birthday was a hiking extravaganza. Jason, Turan and I took everyone on the rounds that we always take guests on. Beautiful views, an old Albanian Church (2nd oldest in Azerbaijan?), The Moss Waterfall and of course what would a hike be without a crazy flooded river. Dogs were carried fun was had.

Pre hike, we all decided to pet the dog which turned into a group petting effort, it was nice. "Hey guys, I just saw something." Horror film?
The view of Lekit from Jason's school.
Jason and I being awesome, enough said.
The Johnson's looking lovely at the old Albanian church in Lekit.
Me teaching Derek, Stephanie and Jason how to drink wine like a Georgian. It's super fun, but you must have the talent!
Jason and I at the church.
Hanging out in some ruined part of a church, waiting out the rain.
Alicia and Myriam frolicking in the church yard.
Jason, James, me and Derek copy frolicking. I like Derek's form.
Jason helping out Tuziq. Poor little thing can't make it through on his own.
How are we getting over there?
The rock star that is Alicia crossing the river. This was a great team building excercise, Peace Corps should do this for training.
On top of the waterfall, I blatantly gave up and am standing in the water. No point trying.
Mr. Camera Man getting a good stance.
Myriam won the Lori Award. For those of you who are curious, The Lori Award is only given to the special few who fall down...and are typically covered in mud.
Derek and James showing us how to Protect Mother Nature!
It's almost like Jason is praying, apparently he really likes moss waterfalls.
The boys, inside the waterfall.
The final cross, the little rat that is Tuziq made it the whole way!


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