May 1st aka. The Best day EVER!

>> Monday, May 24, 2010

The day after the chalk war we all headed into Lekit for the official birthday celebrations! So after an extremely crowded maşrutka we all arrived in Lekit. Tea was served and then hoards of people began to arrive. It was an awesome night. So lets start with the birthday kiddos. 24 and 27!
Jason's thoughts - What's happening here?
The pretty, pretty Johnson's.
The extremely long table. About 10-15 Azerbaijani's and 10 more American's. Jason's host mom, Bestie, is a rock star.
The other end of the table. Mike, Alicia, Bestie, Stephanie, Bailey and Mariel.
Getting in on the man love. Derek just really likes kissing Jason.
Camera war, Jason and I battled. You decide which one wins.

Bestie slicing up the cake to feed to us, after we just cut it like we were getting married. Maybe I have a husband?
Kiddles giving mom a kiss. Tasty cake, great birthday, she deserved that kiss. I don't have any idea what Myriam is thinking.

At some point in the night we all ended up talking but Jason's host dad looks utterly bored. This man is fabulous, we have obviously failed at life.I'm not sure what this picture is but Jason looks confused, Mike looks angry and shocked, Derek maybe does not know what's happening so he's just looking pretty, and James is ready to fight someone.
Being awesome with Derek and Jason. I like the handsome trucker look Derek's rocking.
Heading out, note the official PCV get up of jeans, sleeping bags, and back packs. We look good!


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