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>> Friday, January 8, 2010

A toy is a wedding (pron the same as a child's plaything). My neighbor got married on the 26th and I was invited! Weddings are very specific out here. They are all the same, they like it that way, and they want it to be that it is!
Before they arrive the bride and groom drive all around the city to places of interest to get out and take photos. The best part about this is the first car is a hatchback with a video camera and its operator sticking out of the trunk filming the entire thing. Of course horns are blaring and the bride and groom are in a car with white, pink, or red sashes tied all over it. As a guest I did not see this part but you see them all driving about so you know what's happening while you're waiting in the restaurant. 
The bride and groom enter with at least one girl carrying a candle and another carrying a mirror. The candle is to bring light into their marriage and the mirror is very practical but also lets them see what they already possess. Pretty cool. They immediately cut the cake and have their first dance and then they sit.
The bride and groom sit together at the head table and watch the festivities. If the song is really good or the people dancing are extra awesome they will both come and join everyone. For about 1.5 - 2 hours interspersed there is an announcer prompting all of the speeches. No maid of honor or best man. But everyone talks. He congratulates and welcomes the families & friends to speak. There's even a special section for neighbors, my hDad spoke as did 3 or 4 others. The director of our school gave a speech as well and then all of the teachers had to get up and dance. My first toy dancing seemed to be a success as my hSis kept telling me I was doing it right. I personally couldn't stop laughing. It was absolutely hilarious to me. Azeri dancing is ultimately stepping side to side, or step tap step tap. You don't move your hips because that's too riskay but you sway your arms about. Very soft flowy movements. If you can't imagine it just sway side to side and delicately pretend to screw in light bulbs. It was awesome, and as everything is filmed I'm definitely on the tape. I didn't think my hDad saw me since he was in the men section (men and women in Qax don't sit together) but when we got home he said I was a very good dancer. Haha! I'm a good azeri dancer! I had fun and my hMom helped me out so I wouldn't offend anyone! it was pretty fun.
But now you can enjoy a few photos of my evening. The first is of the many teachers at the toy and the second of my hSis and I. The third is of the married couple with my hSis, some random man who really wanted to get in the picture and myself. Magic! Note how I'm the only one smiling. Tradition!


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