Qax Düşərgə 2010!!!

>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gakh Summer Camp 2010 was a lot of fun. I had help from about 10 other PCV's who came out to help me blow these kids minds away with summer camp fun! It was at the end of August for 6 days from 9a-1p at the Kids Sports Stadium in Gakh. The days went as follows:

Monday - Welcome Day: loads of games
Tuesday - Sports Day: Capture the Flag, Kickball, Soccer and Volleyball
Wednesday - Hiking Day: Group hike to Qum (the closest village)
Thursday - Theatre Day: Theatre Games, Sock Puppets, etc
Friday - Surprise Day: Water balloons, egg drops and dancing
Saturday - Carnival Day: Think 5th grade Field Day

First off we played games...lots of games. Here the kids took my grossly over-sized clothing (2-3 sizes) and relay raced in teams across the field. It was hilarious. The clothing was bright and fun which made the kids excited and made the Americans laugh even harder when the kids thought they were clown clothes. Thank you Target PJ's!
Then we played Red Light Green Light, Simon Says, What time is it Mr Fox?, Sharks and Minnows, and many other classics. Here are the kids waiting for the green light to come.

So much happiness up front - that's because she made it. However in the back those girls were a bit terrified. This game was taken way too seriously.
Now they're asking permission to advance. Aren't they adooooooooorable?Now we can see Stephanie overseeing Mr Fox himself. The kids cheat so much we had to have at least one judge to keep every player honest. I love the looks on their faces when you catch them and they're deciding whether or not to argue. Last up, Ninja! I love this game. Everyone gathers in a circle and one by one you get a chance to karate chop another players hand (you can move if you're being attacked). It's a very quick and intense game beause people can be coming at you from all sides. Here you can see the Qax Star (ME!) and Romiko battle it out for the win! If I remember correctly, he kicked my butt.


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