Qax Düşərgə: Relay Races

>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just as Flag Football was a success, Relay Races quickly became a go to activity. We set up a course with cones and had many variations including: running, hopping, crab-walking, spider-walking, piggy back, wheel barrow, criss-cross, skipping, linked elbows, holding hands, and all of these in reverse.

Baton races were a part of these many races. They look so intense. So much screaming and look at her face. She is in it to win it.She picks up quickly. I teach them how to brag well. The winner of one of our many races.

Representing for tiny Georgians everywhere. Megi hops along to finish out the race.
Unfortunately this wheel barrow was too heavy for the operator. It made for a great round.


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