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>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We needed something for Surprise Day and as the Russian, Georgian and Azeri's all have their own National dance, I decided it would be a great time to share cultures. It ended up having an abrupt end with some slurs being said and some campers asked to leave. But before it got that far most of us were having a great time. I even had a chance to teach them the basic steps for salsa!

The tiny ones getting their latin grooves on.
Brother and sister bonding time. She slows it down for him so he feels included.
Teaching teh basics with my little dancing queen.
Random group dancing
Finally a video of the Salsa dancing. Watch the tiny little nuggets shake their bums. It is so adorable. *If you hear the kid yelling something to me at the end he's telling me that there's a fire in the stadium. I check, and sure enough they're burning leaves and trash. It was really cute that all of the kids got excited and said we needed to save the eggs! yay for remembering.


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