Qax Düşərgə: Hike to Qum

>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It was the perfect day for a hike. With food and kids in tow we headed off through the valley, as the mountains had too many branches and dangerous pokey's to lead a group through.

Here's the first shot of the day, leaving the village to the trail at the foothill of the mountains.
Quite a few stops occurred so we could see all of the frogs, and the boys even attempted hitting them with rocks. Oh joy.
Our big one hour in break. It took a good 10 minutes to get everyone together, as the girls were happier strolling as opposed to actually hiking.
Re-juvenated and ready to see the river. We are already in Qum but have about 6 more kilometres to get up the hill.
Break on the road. It's a slow incline but it takes it out of you.
Sweaty but happy to be sitting.
The boys did not want the break so they found a friend to give them a joy ride while we all took a break.
In Qum at the river. We just finished eating. The boys are all swimming in the river. We are pretty far away from them as they all stripped down to their tighty-whiteys as soon as they saw water. We ran ourselves to this beautiful little sitting area and ate away.
After lunch we went to the Georgian/Albanian Church ruins. Here's a shot of just the PCV ladies. At least those of us who were present on Wednesday.
Last up, a group shot of the troopers who worked their butts off. The return trip had a bit more drama. It was the longest amount of time we were together so it was expected. Luckily we all look happy here. This picture is how I remember that day.


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