Qax Düşərgə: Wrapping it all up

>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Final games, making friendship bracelets and picture frames brought us to Saturday. It was a nice wrap up day and I think the kids agreed that 6 days was plenty. We ran through all of our favorite games, relaxed and some new friends spent a bit more time together right before school began.
Here I am looking all Peace Corps like with the kids, getting ready for a new game.
This is a picture from Day 2 as the lovely France's were heading home to get ready for a conference. Everyone is completely exhausted since we just finished our sports day.
Final Day, They all have certificates, candy and are ready to go home. I'm dead tired as are all of the wonderful PCV's who came to help. So many lists of things to do differently for next year. The kids all promised they'd come next year and said they would be on the look out for my flyers.
I've decided to start a new theme, I will stamp any success as "developed". Not to be cocky because I know I have not developed anything, it's more or less mocking myself. So as opposed to a success stamp, I will give myself little jab and write developed. So, Qax Düşərgə 2010 is officially:


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