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>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For theatre day we played some games and made sock puppets. Everyone paired up and either by hands or hand to face we mirrored each others movements. Then it was time to make sock puppets and do little performances. My favorite was the girl who discovered her mom wasn't her real mother, met her mother the gypsy, the dad left his wife for the gypsy and the girl meets her brother. Such happiness.

Here are the girls stretching each others limits all the way to the floor.
Stephanie testing out this kids spine. Pretty flexible, he probably does yoga just like Steph.
Hey Romiko! Way to make that kid flip around.Diana spent most of these games laughing and barely being able to keep up. It was just so funny that she was doubled over laughing.
Socks on hand, imaginations and markers at the ready.A Turkish drama of love.
A re-creation of a Russian fable. I was so proud of this group. The only group to combine Russian, Georgian and Azeri kids. They even chose themselves.
Here they. The Drama King and Queens present The Gypsy Drama.
The whole group showing off their art.


StephanieMOrmston December 4, 2010 at 5:15 AM  

unfortunately, it looks more like i'm about to hit romiko in the face. Which I am NOT is a GAME thank you very much...

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