Qax Düşərgə = Flag Football

>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flag Football became the theme of the camp. It was requested everyday and I gave the kiddles what they wanted. The kids got crazy competitive and everyday, try to explain as I might, they couldn't get it. So much shouting and going on as if each game was life or death. It may have been a tad annoying at the time, but it's hoot now!

Here's us being poor examples to being a team player and encouraging showing off and mild smack talking.
The cutest player on the field! He's 4 and had to come to camp otherwise his older sisters wouldn't be allowed. I was helping him but frankly he was holding me down!
The sprawl. We have all been freed from jail and are booking it to our side so we can return for the counter attack.
"Okay... we're in the safety zone, we have the flag, now when I say go you run for your life."
Jess played a bit nicer than I did. She slowed down and played all cutesy. Good thing she did.
This is my game face. In case you were wondering, yes I always play with my game face on.
Unfortunately my intense game face and smack talking led to many arguments. Every time I was surrounded by a group of shouting kids, I looked over to Stephanie and saw this. I have a game face, she has a "you're too much for me right now" face.


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