Qax Düşərgə:Egg Drop

>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guys we have a problem. There a big fire and all of the chickens left their eggs. We have to sell those eggs at the bazaar tomorrow. But they have to be dropped from very high up. You have to make very secure box to protect these eggs because I have to thrown them before they cook.

Thus ensued the egg drop. 4 girls teams and all of the boys ganging up together for the 1 boys team.
2 boys team representatives holding their pride and glory. Unfortunately it was the only one to break.
One of the girls teams looking very proud and ready to win.
Looking sassy and posing with their winning Egg Drop Box.
Finishing up the last minute touches on a very sturdy, parachuted piece of equipment.
Jessi and I dropping the kids creations off a ledge from about 2 stories up.
Expectant faces! So much excitement.


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